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Morocco is home to some of the world's most reliable and most exciting windsurf locations. It is also one of the most fascinating and charismatic countries to visit in the world. Situated in the North West tip of the African continent, Morocco has over 3500 kms. of coastline. The excellent winds ensure that vast ranges of windsurfing conditions are always available, and this is why Morocco is sought out by windsurfers. The coastline of Morocco is the perfect location for an unparalleled windsurfing experience, it offers an unforgettable lifetime experience and the ideal mix of having fun and windsurfing epic Moroccan waves. Morocco is a great year-round windsurfing holiday’s destination which offers an attractive combination of sunshine, wind, waves and cultural experience.

Morocco is located only 13 kilometres from Europe across the Strait of Gibraltar. Ethnically, Moroccans are predominately of Berber (North African indigenous) and Arabic decent. Oukaïmeden, in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains, is the highest ski resort in Africa. 

Morocco's interior is at its best in spring (March to May), when the country is lush and green, followed by autumn (September to November), when the heat of summer has eased. At other times, do not underestimate the heat in summer and the cold in the winter, particularly in the High Atlas Mountains, where snowcapped peaks persist from November to July.

The resort Essaouira is best from April to October with air temperatures between 25-30 degrees cooled by the constant Atlantic breeze.

The region of Dakhla can be visited all year around but the summer temperatures can be extreme, so the best time to travel here is from September to May.

The official currency is the Moroccan Dirham. Moroccan dirhams can only be obtained in Morocco. The most convenient way to obtain dirhams is through an ATM, where official rates automatically apply, but daily withdrawal limits can seem low for customers paying cash for rugs in the souks. Guichets automatiques (ATMs) are now a common sight across Morocco and many accept Visa, MasterCard, Electron, Cirrus, Maestro and InterBank systems. Major credit cards are widely accepted in the main tourist centres, although their use often attracts a surcharge of around 5% from Moroccan businesses. American Express, Visa and Thomas Cook travellers cheques are widely accepted for exchange by banks.

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The wind in Essaouira predominantly blows cross offshore from the right, directly next to the center, but due to the shape of the beach, downwind it will blow cross shore. It is here where the wind and waves are best, and definitely worth sailing down to.

Between 9 and 11 in the mornings are the best time for beginners, and kids as this is before the wind has picked up, and in turn the sea is a lot calmer. After 11 the wind has really begun blowing and is when the more experienced windsurfers begin to launch. By 12 o'clock the wind has picked up significantly and continues to blow stronger throughout the day, often until sundown, so make sure that a sundown sail is high on your list as Morrocco has views of spectacular sunsets!

The wind in Essaouira blows strongest from July until August, and in these months it is regularly a very, very  high wind destination, yet the wind is reliable all the way from April until November.

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In the middle of the western Sahara, 1500 km away from Casablanca, is a town called Dakhla situated on a small peninsula of the Atlantic coast called Rio de Oro. At 30km from the city and 10km from the sea, you find a wonderful blue lagoon with an incredible windstatistic….a true windsurf paradise. The wind stats in this expanse are just amazing so you can sail the whole year in Dakhla (even in December & January, the lowest wind season, it is still 60% reliable)!! The water is perfectly flat with huge shallow expanses; just perfect for beginners & improvers; simply the best spot on earth to learn to windsurf.

Dakhla has recently also become a very ‘trendy’ location for the more affluent Moroccans to come for a few days to experience the wildness and beauty that this area has to offer. Mostly these visitors come for just a few days to take in the tranquility of the area, go on boat excursions, surf at the wave place and perhaps have a few windsurf lessons.

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