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Peru, the third largest country in South America, has more than 3,000 native varieties of potatoe and the national dish is cuy - roasted guinea pig. Peru can also boast about having the highest sand dune in the world at 3,860 feet and the longest left hand wave in the world at 4km. The largest flying bird in the world, the Giant Andean Condor, can be seen in Peru. 

Top regions in peru

Pacasmayo in Northern Peru is home to the longest wave in the world, and in our opinion, is the best windsurfing spots on the planet! You can find bigger waves in places like Maui and Mauritius, but in terms of reliability and perfect set up it really does not get much better. Imagine set after set after set rolling and peeling for almost 1 km - normally the first thing to give out are your legs, not the wave. You can probably do more bottom turns on a week's holiday to Pacasmayo than you have done in your life. The waves here are perfectly formed but do not carry much power so super easy. This is a great location for surfers who want independent wind to start sailing into the wave. The only problem is once you have been here nothing else is as good!

Want to learn how to master the waves? Join one of our epic Pacasmayo wave windsurf clinics and learn from a pro. Choose the dates that suit you best!

Pacasmayo Involves 3 Flights from Europe plus a 2 hour transfer so it best to plan for a minimum of 10 days with some good connections Although a week is Possible. There a nice local town, just a short walk from our accommodation, with some really good local restaurants and cafes, and very cheap. There are ATM, Pharmacy and all the basics there that you may need.

Planet Windsurf are the UK specialist in Peru Windsurfing Holidays. This can be a complex country to plan a windsurfing holiday without good firsthand knowledge. Peru is a curious mixture of stunning and amazing culture, historic towns and beaches mixed with rubbish strewn Often very poor and dusty areas. Planet windsurf have invested Considerable time in making sure we offer the best hotels, tours and windsurf facilities in Peru. We strongly recommend adding on at least some of the cultural tours to your Pacasmayo Windsurfing Holiday, Especially a 2-3 day tour of around Cuzco / Machu Picchu. Please call and speak with a specialist to discuss Peru Windsurfing and how we may put together a tailor made tour itinerary to fit your dates, budget and windsurf preference.

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