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South Africa is one of the leading windsurf locations in the world. The best time to book your kitesurfing holiday is during the months of November through to April, the South African summer. The South African climate during these months is perfect for windsurfing; around 28-32 degrees celcius and almost near perfect wind conditions everyday. 

South Africa is on a similar time zone to the UK and Europe, and with direct 12 hour overnight flights from London (as well as other major European airports), this is a very easy destination to access. Apart from the amazing windsurfing conditions, world-class food and charming accommodations, South Africa is amazing value for money for UK travellers. 

There are few places around the world that offer such a complete windsurf holiday, at amazing prices. Outside of the stunning beaches and windsurf conditions South Africa offers a huge amount to see and experience. Highlights include the arid semi-desert of the Karoo, the snow-capped peaks of the Drakensberg Range, the lush sub-tropical coast of KwaZulu-Natal and the fertile temperate valleys of the Western Cape.

Planet Windurf are South African specialists and we have a huge amount of experience and expertise in this country. We would highly recommend speaking with us about combining a windsurf holiday with other fantastic experiences South Africa has to offer.

South Africa has a rich variety of landscapes including deserts, wetlands, grasslands, bush, subtropical forests, mountains and escarpments and is even home to the only one of six floral kingdoms to be contained in a single country. South Africa is famous for its production of wine and is said to be home to the longest wine route in the world. South Africa can also boast having the best of the best in a variety of things - they have the largest themed resort hotel in the world, are home to the world's most luxurious train, have the highest commercial bungee jump on the planet, have discovered some of the oldest remains of modern humans and the largest brewing company in the world can be found in South Africa!

South Africa has been blessed by nature with one of the most temperate climates on the African continent, and can be visited comfortably any time of the year for general tourism. Winter (June to September) is cooler and drier, and ideal for hiking and outdoor pursuits. Because vegetation is less dense, and thirsty animals congregate around water sources, winter is also the best time for wildlife-watching.

Summer (late November to March) brings the wind, and lots of it! The wind tends to fill in around mid to late morning and then again early afternoon. The wind during these months (on the Southern Cape) reliably blows at around 30-35 knots during the afternoons. 

Top regions in south-africa

Cape Town as a windsurfing holiday destination ticks all the boxes. The wind conditions in and around Cape Town are very reliable with wind speeds usually between 20-30 knots with the strongest wind coming between 2 and 6 in the evenings. South Africa's best wind is present during the summer period from November through to March (or even April). The coastline in and around Cape Town is home to many beaches that do not only boast fantastic windsurfing conditions, but simply breathtaking natural beauty too.

But Cape Town has much more to offer than just windsurfing. Whether you are looking to unwind, explore or be entertained in your time away from the surf, Cape Town and what lies beyond has plenty of alternative activities for those rare non-windy days and for the non-surfing partners and family. 

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Langebaan is an idyllic little seaside town on the South African West Coast. It is located at the edge of the tranquil Langebaan lagoon, 100km north of Cape Town. Founded in 1922, this historical town was once a whaling station and it has now been transformed into a holiday destination on the West Coast. It is a mecca for nature lovers and water sports enthusiasts. The lagoon is part of a protected area, the West Coast National Park - a world-renowned birding spot with migratory birds from as far as Russia stopping here annually.

The jewel of the West Coast towns, Langebaan will leave you with memories of a startling blue sea, acres of spring flowers and the enticing smell of fish ‘braais’ (barbeques). Sunsets on the west-facing coast are legendary and you’ll experience plenty of enchanting moments. We are sure you will return again and again to this tranquil, magnificently beautiful place.

During the South African summer months, from November to April Langebaan is on the most wind sure location on the Planet. The climate at this time of year is perfect with temperatures in the high 20s. The lagoon offers a huge flat water area, with many shallow sections, making this an ideal beginner or improver destination. Most of the Lagoon is surrounded by a nature reserve making for stunning views from the water back across the surrounding area.

Other compelling reasons to consider a holiday to Langebaan is the amazing and very cheap eating out, the world-class service (and always with a genuine smile), the huge range of off-water activities, and incredible value for money we enjoy with the relatively strong Pound.

It is best to have a car in Langebaan so as part of your holiday quote we would normally include this. There are also lots of add-on options for a holiday to Langebaan to include extra nights in Cape Town, wildlife safaris or even combine your stay in South Africa with a visit to Mauritius! Please call and speak to an expert advisor so we can put together the right trip for your budget, duration and specific requirements.

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