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Located near the north coast of Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago are two islands that offer the visitors a wide diversity of cultural activities, most of them related with dance and music; astounding landscapes; white sand beaches and good weather every single day. Windsurfing holidays in Trinidad and Tobago are the perfect opportunity to discover the tropical climate of the Caribbean Sea, were warm waters and idyllic wind conditions turn this place in an all year windsurfing destination. Planet Windsurf Holidays is a tailor made travels company that will advise you about the better conditions for your unforgettable Trinidad and Tobago windsurfing experience.

Tobago is home to only 6% of the land area of the country and only 4% of the population. This happy country is known for its festivals and the dances limbo and calypso originated here. Trinidad and Tobago has one of the highest literacy rates in the world with education being entirely free. 

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Tobago is one of the Caribbean's unspoiled islands; its fantastic beauty and natural charm slowly hypnotise the visitor into daydreams of staying long past their original return dates. At Pigeon Point the offshore Bucco reef has created an ideal tropical lagoon windsurfing & kitesurfing set-up. Acting as a breakwater the reef protects the Bon Accord Lagoon from the turbulence of the open Caribbean Sea.

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